Are you ready to BE KIND?


Would you like more kindness in this world? Then this FREE and super simple #BEKINDFORFIVE challenge is for you!

So, what is this challenge, exactly?

It's a "kindness" challenge for 5 days from Monday, September 30th - Friday, October 4th.

You will receive an email every day for 5 days starting September 30th challenging you to be kind to yourself, the planet, a loved one, a friend, and a stranger.

The tasks are really simple and will only take about 10-15 minutes... but the satisfaction of completing a task will last much longer - pinky swear!

We also have a bunch of special bonuses for you throughout the challenge!

How can you spread the word? 

1) Share this link with friends so they can join the challenge: https://anchorandnest.com/pages/be-kind-for-five

2) When you've completed your task during the challenge, share a post or story on Instagram tagging #bekindforfive and @anchorandnest! We'll also be reposting our favorite #bekindforfive pics of the day.

Anchor & Nest 'Be Kind' Sweatshirt Giveaway!

We'll also be giving away our bestselling Anchor & Nest 'Be Kind' sweatshirt to one lucky person who enters the challenge! Woohoo!

Be Kind Sweatshirt

So... are you ready? Enter the challenge below! 



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